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Select myAbundant as your payment method at checkout and get payment options tailored for you.

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myAbundant helps you breakup your purchases into payments you can count on. With no hidden fees or surprises, you always know exactly what you owe.

Quick eligibility check

At checkout you’ll be asked to enter a few pieces of information to check your eligibility in real time. This won’t affect your credit score.


1. Select Abundant as your payment method at checkout.

Enter a few pieces of information for a real-time decision. This check doesn’t affect your credit score.

2. Choose a payment plan

See what payment plans are available for your purchase. There are no hidden fees.

3. Pay over time

Make payments at Wait for email reminders when a payment is coming up.





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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is myAbundant?

myAbundant is our financing partner! They allow us to create payment plans for our memberships, removing the need for you to pay in-full up front.

We’re excited about this relationship because they specialize in working with companies like ours, who offer online programs, memberships, and coaching services.

You can compare myAbundant to a bank. When you apply for financing with them and are approved, they directly fund your membership – meaning they pay us by loaning the membership cost to you – and then you pay them back weekly until your payment plan is paid in full.

They have a really fancy team that facilitates credit and background checks to handle all the financial risk (such as fraud, underwriting, capital funding, collections, etc) until the payment plan is satisfied.

The best part? It’s easy and quick for you to apply. They’ll give you an answer on the spot (because they’re techie like that!)

Is it safe to share my information with myAbundant?

Yes, it sure is!  myAbundant is partnered with Centrex Software, who works directly with brokers, lenders (like myAbundant), banks, investors, fintechs, and more. The Centrex “brain” behind myAbundant is incredibly secure. They consider physical, hardware, software, and logical security levels when collecting and storing personal information.

Security is their top priority (and myAbundant’s too!) You can read more about Centrex’s security here.

How does financing work?

When you are approved by myAbundant you are contractually committing to a monetary loan that you agree to pay back. The loan will include a financing service fee, and possibly a credit card processing fee (unless you don’t use a credit card for repayment!)

So basically, you apply, they decide if they can work with you, they pay us for your membership, and you pay them back in weekly installments.

Will you actually be checking my credit? Will it affect my credit score?

Nope! All credit checks done by myAbundant are soft credit pulls and will have no effect on your credit score. This is just another reason why we love them.

Can I apply for financing if I don’t live in the US and don’t have a US credit score?

Yes! myAbundant offers services to those outside of the US. International applicants who don’t have a US credit score will still qualify for a payment plan.

One thing to note, myAbundant is only able to offer international applicants the ability to make payments with credit cards. ACH transactions currently will not work with international bank accounts.

Are there extra financing fees for taking a myAbundant loan?

Yep. There are. We wish we could avoid this, but they’ll basically be fronting the money for your membership. They make their money back with fees for managing the loan and repayment process.

The fee will vary depending on which product you are considering.

That said, we’ve negotiated as hard as possible with myAbundant to keep the weekly payments manageable for you. You won’t even notice them!

Are there fees if I use a credit card?

Yes. If you use a credit card to pay myAbundant each week they will apply a credit card transaction fee. This goes for anyone in or outside of the US. Unfortunately, ACH transactions currently will not work with international bank accounts so international applicants will only have the option to use a credit card during repayment.

Would I be signing a contract with myAbundant?

Yes, and you would be giving myAbundant permission to auto-debit your bank account or credit card for the duration of the loan. You’ll have a chance to read through the contract before agreeing to anything.

Who would I actually be paying?

When you join our membership and take advantage of our financing plan through myAbundant, you would be making weekly payments to them. They will, in turn, be making payments to us.

This allows us to offer you a lower weekly payment for our membership, rather than asking you to pay in-full.

How often would I be making payments?

Payments to myAbundant will happen weekly.

It is possible that your membership will last longer than the weekly payments though! For example, you might have 20 weekly payments to make for a year long membership.

What is ACH and is there a benefit to pay with that over paying with a credit card?

ACH stands for “automated clearing house”… basically, think of it as an automatically transferred debit transaction from a checking or savings account. When you pay with ACH you provide your bank account details to myAbundant through Plaid (a super secure way to share your banking details. Read more here) and they automatically withdraw funds each week. There are no extra fees for paying with ACH because it is a bank-to-bank transaction.

However, paying with a Credit or Debit card requires a third party to be involved (usually Visa or Mastercard) and they add fees into the transaction. You are welcome to use your Credit or Debit card to pay myAbundant for your membership to our site, but it would add a small transactional fee on top.

To skip those small transactional fees we recommend you pay myAbundant using ACH.

Please note, ACH is unavailable for international applicants.

Will my membership automatically renew?

Currently we are unable to set your membership to renew automatically if you work with our financing partner, myAbundant. Instead, you would have to reapply with them to finance your next round of your membership unless you want to pay in-full with a one-time payment up front.

For example, you may have a year long membership that has 20 weekly payments. After you finish your payments you would still have access to your membership for another 32 weeks. At the end of your membership you would either pay in-full for your next round of the membership, or reapply with myAbundant to finance another round.

Installment Options with Abundant Financing

Are there financing options available for the annual membership?

Yes, we offer financing options for our annual membership through our partner, Abundant Financing. This allows you to split the payment of your annual membership into manageable installments rather than paying the full amount upfront. For more details about this financing option please check:

Who should I contact if I have questions about my payment?

If you have any questions about your payment, please direct them to our financing partner, Abundant Financing, at They manage all aspects of financing for annual memberships and will be best equipped to assist you.

Where can I find more information about payment details and financing terms?

Detailed information about payment details and financing terms can be found at the My Abundant Portal. You can access the portal here Your username and password was sent to you during sign up.

I have questions regarding the Online Pilates Classes (OPC) membership, who should I contact?

For any questions about the OPC membership or our offerings, please reach out to our customer support team. You can message us here:

What is the role of Abundant Financing in my annual membership?

Abundant Financing is our chosen financing partner for those who opt for an annual membership and prefer to split the payment rather than paying in full upfront. They manage all payment processing, billing, and collections for these membership accounts.

Can I still pay for my annual membership directly, without using Abundant Financing?

Yes, if you prefer to pay for your annual membership in full upfront, you can do so without using the financing option. In such cases, please follow the usual direct payment process on our website.

How do I access my account details with Abundant Financing?

You can access and manage all your account details, including payment schedules and past payments, through the My Abundant Portal. The portal is accessible here:

I am having trouble accessing the My Abundant Portal, what should I do?

If you are experiencing issues accessing the My Abundant Portal, please contact Abundant Financing directly at They will be able to assist you with any technical difficulties.

Are there any fees associated with financing my annual membership through Abundant Financing?

Any fees or additional costs associated with financing your annual membership through Abundant Financing can be found in the My Abundant Portal. Visit the portal

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